OTT Crash Course: What Is OTT and How Can it Enhance My Client’s Current Digital Marketing Efforts?

Over the past few years, streaming has experienced rapid growth, creating great potential for advertisers of all kinds to profit from this growth. Over The Top, or OTT, refers to any kind of streaming service that provides content online. While traditional cable providers are used to delivering linear TV, OTT is done solely over the internet, which means users have access to any content they want, wherever they are and whenever they want it. Due to the significant increase in cable cutters and users of streaming services in place of cable TV, advertisers now have an extra digital technique they can add to their media mix to strengthen their current digital marketing tactics.

The average U.S. adult watches roughly 40 hours of streaming content each month. This astounding amount of time spent streaming offers a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to precisely target their audience with their advertisement. By using an addressable list that is either first-party data or curated based on our audience’s behaviors, such as interests, keyword searches, and context, demographics, such as age and gender, as well as your client’s desired location, our OTT advertising enables your client to target their audience on whatever show or video they are streaming. With OTT advertising, we can target every member of a household across a variety of internet-connected devices that your audience is streaming on, down to the level of a physical address. Utilizing a programmatic bidding model, OTT places bids on available inventory that matches the criteria we’ve established for our target audience. Many leading web, app, and TV programmers, including HGTV, A&E, Discovery Networks, History Channel, Fox News, and many more, are reached via our OTT.

Reporting upon OTT will include impressions by locations, web and in-store visits, and any conversions, such as a form submission. The effectiveness of OTT can be visible throughout their current digital marketing campaigns and tracked through the increase in these campaigns’ performance in traffic and conversions. A startling 72% of OTT viewers claim to remember a specific ad they were presented while streaming, and over 65% of OTT viewers will search for product information on their phones while streaming content. This demonstrates the potential for OTT to support your client’s ongoing efforts in digital marketing, including SEM, display, social media, and more. OTT advertising indirectly contributes to an increase in website traffic and conversions. Don’t mistake us; OTT is not always the best option for a client’s marketing needs. However, when included in an existing client’s media mix, they can only anticipate an increase in traffic, awareness, and ultimately, sales.

With OTT predicted to double in size globally by 2023, the time has come to think about including OTT advertising in your client’s digital media mix. Their other marketing initiatives will benefit from OTT as it will increase brand engagement, awareness, and conversions. Please use our contact form if you have any questions regarding OTT.


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